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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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to the flag >> to the flag the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all i'd like to roll call. >> commissioner president loftus commissioner turman i apologize commissioner marshall he's here just chatting
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commissioner dejesus is excused commissioner mazzucco commissioner hwang is in route. >> correct. >> commissioner melara is excused madam president, we have quorum and also with us this evening or evening captain jason cherniss and the office of community investment and infrastructure welcome to the wednesday, july 8, 2015 police commission thank you for being here accessibility call the first line item. >> and special thank you to our community partners our interims are here in the audience it is lovely duo to gaze on all your faces. >> i'm obligated you're here wonderful thanks. >> have to say it. >> from our vantage point it is lovely. >> presentation of certificate
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of preparation for patrol special officer anton colleagues you have this information on the certificate chief did you want to - oh welcome. >> thank you. good evening. >> good evening. >> i'm here on behalf of captain the commanding officer of dan's station unfortunately not able to be here it's my honor to introduce parole officer ta one that will be receiving a certificate of appreciation for may 19, 2015, i'd like to go ahead and read that to you now. >> please do lieutenant on the afternoon of the may the officer was traveling from east uaw to report to work a special
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beat within the mission district as and traveled across the bay bridge a woman in impress was threatening to comment suicide the highway patrol dispatch center was contacted a naked woman acclaimed into the north side she was in mental suppress the officer saw this transpiring and stopped his vehicle he moved towards the woman and the officer could clearly see the woman was in mental stress he said she wanted to actually herself the woman said she couldn't jump before came back a friend the officer offered the use of his cell phone we was
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attempt to distract the woman from her cancel attempt she confirmed she could use the phone and the officer lured the woman off the rail to a safe place officer told the woman you have to come over here i'm miscarried of heights she stepped syndrome 0 reside and the officer walked to the woman a safe distance away and detained the woman until paramedics arrived went to 19francis hospital they're to be commended. >> thank you (clapping.) >> yes, in is on the bay bridge
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is there anyone we have other folks that may want to say anything. >> chief. >> from a grateful police department and the officer in deeply gratitude for outstanding bravery and other at grate risk this is worthy of the esteem of the san francisco police department this july 8, 2015 thank you (clapping.) >> thank you. i appreciate this opportunity and i'm happy i was at the right place at the right time. >> and the right person i'm sure my colleagues want to say something too. >> i appreciate you're being in the right place at the right time that was a trying situation and it took someone with great
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deafly deal of witnesses and patience and understanding we're happy on behalf of this commission thank you so much for being that person out there you could have driven by we appreciate our kind act you did thank you. >> dr. marshall. >> it is fitting for me patrol special officer engaged in front of young people really i think the culture it is not mothering any business to say an adult stand up and get vofdz who didn't believe that is great i hope the young people listening saving someone's life jumping into a situation he didn't have to say being honored when you do something right you should do
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maybe thought not to do be praised and help someone thank you. >> sew dr. marshall. >> commissioner walker's. >> thank you it's the lord's work i did what you've trained our whole life and as dr. of marshall said you risked your life to save someone there is no greater reward thank you so much. >> patrol special tsa well, i know one thing officers are not recognized recently the courage in the way you communicating and the users of your words i say to my little children watch your words but in a way that made her save it was brave and thanks for
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showing us the power and again for making someone's crisis yours. >> take care. >> thanks everyone (clapping.) >> okay sergeant oh please we should get a photo we always have a photo woman out here. >> be safe sergeant please call the line item. >> two consent calendar receive and file action. >> colleagues you have in our. >> police report of disciplinary action second quarter 2015. >> thank you, colleagues in our packet the consent calendar that the police commission recorded do you have a motion.
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>> so moved and >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion passes call the next item. >> general public comment the public is welcome to address the items are not on tonight calendar the speakers shall address the speakers as a whole not to individuals or personnel under the police commission recusal of order more police or commissioners are to respond to questions but may provide a brief response individual commissioners and police personnel should refrain from debates please limit our comments to 3 minutes. >> thank you. first speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> i'm tom commissioner president loftus and
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commissioners chief suhr i have a comment i was going to point out that despite the patrolled special tsa wells special work he's not a police he did have the train to help naked people that's the one good thing coming out of the racketeering operation if 12 are 1993 they're not constitutional their pay to play police want a describe in police station and have communications with police officers with corrupt police officers their criminal and the worse of them all okay. that hopefully didn't count against my 3 minutes that's item number one i'm here to talk about the latest example
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of bad consequences when how allow people in this city foyer reasons to break the law on a regular ongoing basis now it is poor miss steinly that got murdered you created the most of the responsible for this policy you've been you had for 25 years in the city and now the consequences are coming home to rooftop you deserve the appropriate things you deserve worse what you're getting to be honest this is not the first example the patrol we allow lawful criminals since supervisor wiener and others supervisor campos like them they do their bidding in their neighborhood they keep the peace as you get my drift also another criminal was chuck limping bettered a fake cop and
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gay mascot cop not a real cop but more complaints than any cops in this history you've let dirty politicians run wild willie brown and harris and enrique john harris and larry the chuck limping better and kevin shelly and supervisor wiener and supervisor campos and on and on and on the final groups set of groups you act illegal you used to let these women do police work that end temporarily do you do background checks on those people this year, the political party had no violence thank you have a great day.
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>> thank you. next speaker for public comment. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners i wish i was here with accolades recently i've had the occasion too many times to call the police that doesn't show up a friend of mine had a strarpg in her front window that climbed up 10 feet to get there she called 9-1-1 they never came too weeks ago i was up at 4 in the morning a parking lot a car going into there that was unusual and couple of guys around the cars they've had a lot of break-ins i called northern station they said they sent a car and 10 minutes later the car alarm goes off and third individual so i
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called back and the dispatcher said the officers were on the scene i said i'm looking at the scene no officers she said they pushed the bottom they were on the scene i'm about been watching a police car comes up the street and they drove but they could have caught those individuals there are a 60 percent spike in automobile burglars you can hire more but we need the police so engage my dad was a cop you had to live in the city maybe you need more cops to live in the city more cops live in nevada i can't stick around but thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> good evening and welcome. >> with a smile thank you peter alexander and i was watching the news will how did fred's and certain people are picking on the sheriff's and the police department in san francisco i'll just say what it is the fretsdz are blaming the sheriff's was a a verifyly duke of which there are hundred and thousand dollars across the country in all sects of the communities fines of r finds a gun those are the same fred's that encourage people to flood into america like caesar chavez the same thugs seeking to take over law enforcement dianne
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feinstein through governor jerry brown set up this through transparency in sacramento the same governor jerry brown has been postponing california go aqueducts right this minute and dealing heroin on behalf of george bush and the grug drug and triple murders with the disclosure of the ccii c i a take care ri678 there is a new world order but time for law enforcement to step up and take charge a lot of people don't know that over 3 hundred cops and sheriff's have been murdered by their own by protecting for whistle they were murdered by corrupt officers on their force
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invading the corrupt officers represent a small percentage this is how a small group of corrupt cops capacity corrupt and control the public and the biggest portion of law enforcement so he's the deal to get real 99 honest cops and sheriff's we acknowledge their controlled and viable serious threats this is real and also while the great call i call to the rank and file to shut did system that eliminates you and yours soldiers and cops given high ranking police position you the rank and file and unite with our veterans and the sheriff sheriff mcrepublican and chief suhr are with us that are constrained from threats of pain
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and death the ranks and file needs to rise and time for us he - if there's my punishment. >> sir. >> your time is up, sir we've got to be fair. >> next speaker. >> thank you your time is up. >> thank you thank you for your time. >> next speaker. >> thank you. good evening. >> speaker prosecutes davis welcome and good evening. >> hello good evening sheryl davis with more magic i don't get to attend those i want to take advantage of having those young people saying i'm grateful to work with you all this summer young people will have been awesome and visiting the- they
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were able to visit the academy and going to the northern station i think that is quite interesting i know added some point in time they'll present to the commission individually and collectively but you know with everything that is going on in the nation to have this kind of pilot project where they're having the opportunity to engage with each of you as well as the police officers and meet with officer johnson in the bay area i can't say how appreciative i am you were willing to put your neck out there maybe wonderful to say not so wonderful things to say but you're willing to go through the process and hear what their recommendations are and so actually have them here i appreciate what dr. marshall
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said earlier it is easy to dismiss something by the reality this is a beautiful rainbow of young people that typically don't have the interaction and the police department don't look at it in a positive light and the chief openly not only the academy but the public safety building give them access is to be celebrated and i'm just looking forward to seeing what happens i know that today when commander maddox was interested in having new officers a lot of hands went up and heard about the starting similarly and the others other benefits were peaks so i think that (laughter) >> the more we can work together the more we can actually impact and change the communities i hope this is not a one shot deal and looking at how
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to support those young people moving forward whether it is going to africa of college i want to acknowledge paul henderson it set aside hours to work with the young people so as people are criticizing i want to take time out to say it is positive synergy and action go on we appreciate that and all the support that you put behind it thank you. >> thank you, ms. davis and so she recall real quick you you know you work with the young people it wasn't a risk it was i think common sense and we look forward to hearing what they have to say no matter what it is. >> we take it all thank you ms. davis. >> good evening good evening. >> my condolences to the whole
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city of san francisco i have a lot of friends in the police everyone tweeted me it was a tragedy a tragedy and leaving weapons in cars is just not cool it happened to us a gun was taken out of a cruiser by the grace of god we recovered it i don't knows who got paid off but all the fingerpointing let's stop it i left hand to it all day on twitter we should respect mayor ed lee let's stop passenger seat fingers it is the polite in the sheriff let the poor young lady get buried and leave that family alone we had a tourist that got shot about we that a tourist went through the
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same scenario the families leave us alone so let's get some good news good news the new captain in the tenderloin a number one a great change 12 hundred officers graduated no new york this morning 12 hundred the most diverse class in the country god bless you captain bad news and good news you know tony that was in an open saddle was terminated at 1 o'clock too many murders and other than that have a good day everything is cool. >> thanks clyde next speaker. >> good evening welcome. >> good evening
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i this is the faster country in the world i have comments a person wanted to come together you know 6 police came to my home i am 85 years old and evicted from home on the street it is only phase fascism sometimes god will push or punish. >> you can't speak direct to the commission. >> 6 police came from each one district some silverman and in naked throw on the street my god
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united states would say to all world look at this they've murdered the 85 years old throw out on the street by the way if you facts it is very interesting that the united kingdom made last year 3 shots 3 shots for a year police made 3 shots can you believe it united states made millions of shots for all the united states united kingdom 3 shots is the statistics australia police explicit go with guns no guns on the street no australia no new zealand and other country didn't take guns from the street with the police you kill your own people you kill your people black, white
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most black, most islanders you destroy the country you can't why? because they open you the door their house and you came here and killed all this and stole their land and lakes and rivers everything and how could you live after this my god i tried a few times to found why they did this police but nobody wanted to help nobody if you let us go as to the chief of police he think that he will - not punish yes. >> god bless america. >> thank you any further public comment?
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good evening >> hi how are you doing. >> so we all know there's been a lot going on in housing areas of san francisco specifically dealing with criminal activities myself and a few of my colleagues have been interviewing citizens in the area trying to get their prospective on sfpd we cho's which i see people of your rallies and royals realize that people in my group was effected we know the reason this is happening also my team and i visited the bay area district and interviewed a city worker and received information how sfpd can do a better job decrease a building known as joseph recreation a youth community center where kids up
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to 3 and up spend a lot of time learning interacting with one mothering another it is a great place to have our kids but a problem we must find a solution to but nothing - but the area is surrounded with nothing but corruption and drugs are everything being exploded to our minds for the next generation of san francisco there's been tons of feces surrounding the area that the city workers have to constantly clean up and kids shouldn't be around that they're not animals. >> san francisco is trying to improve on the sustainability and living conditions but we have to make sure we fix this problem first because the upcoming generation will think this is okay to do
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this type of thing they're being dluthd the cities capitals and sufficient there sob more patrols down thirsted especially during early hours when activity is really occurring and instead of sending inexperienced officers but better make sure that people will respect the authority the law and the officer and in order to improve the city it will be great to improve to see nothing but success instead of failure and drawings that demolish the potential the next generation we'reer sf thank you. >> thank you so much (clapping.) excuse me. excuse me. >> i would be interested in
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seeing a write-up of our survey and recommendations as well. >> we'll do a presentation at the end of their process yes. yes. this is - but in the meantime it will be helpful to get if there are bay area specific ideas we can do we'll follow-up with that good evening and welcome. >> i'm michael gregory an interim under sheryl davis and mr. johnson i want to start off what we do in my job we're looking to to find out the recruitment of color and documentary to see people of color and asked them what makes you want to become a police we ran into a unique person this man he a